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Norm Clasen /fine art photography

He coined the term “Artography” and holds a coveted reputation in the advertising world

ignited during his time as the photographer on the Marlboro Campaign for 13 years. 

Born in Southern California in 1939, Norm Clasen grew up riding horses and ski racing

before moving to Aspen, Colorado in the mid-sixties.

He started a graphics art studio and dipped his boots in the world of advertising. 

Disenchanted by stock images for client campaigns, Norm picked up a camera and started

doing his own shoots.  It turned out photography was his calling and hundreds of his images have appeared on billboards and media outlets across the globe.

He was chosen as the lead photographer on the Marlboro campaign through the late 70s and 80s, an assignment that sealed his career and created an icon out of the All-American cowboy.

Norm infuses a painting-like quality to many of his images which, over 50 years in photography,  became his signature.  Often shooting in dust, rain, and snow, Norm thrives on pushing light to its limit.

His easy-going personality and promise not to ask a subject to do something he couldn’t do himself, earned him respect in the field.  Nowhere did that work in his favor more than the Marlboro campaign.  His knowledge of ranching and the sheer power and beauty of the horses he photographed, enabled each image to tell a story, accentuated by his personalized grainy finish.

Decades spent on the road lead to a lifetime of incredible imagery of people and places from far flung destinations, several of which were hand-picked for the Jace Romick Gallery, to compliment his more familiar works.  Each photograph from the limited collection on display, is mounted in a custom hand-built frame by Jace Romick.

Based on his ranch in Basalt, Norm remains an international sensation.  Most recently, he was one of only 10 North American photographers to be invited to take part in the Tokyo Triennale, one of the most prestigious honors a photographer can achieve.  The show opened in March of 2024.



Artist Works

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